Client: Nisqually Indian Tribe

Location: Olympia, WA

Contract Value: $222,000

Completed: September 2011

NCS contracted with the Nisqually Indian Tribe as the Prime Contractor to provide enhancement of the Red Salmon Slough. The project consisted of deconstruction of over 8,000 feet of agricultural dikes to improve and develop the degraded salmon habitat in the inter-tidal slough. Work included clearing, temporary access road construction, excavating and fill operations, spreading and shaping natural contours. This project entailed handling up to 15,000 cubic yards of material within the inter-tidal slough as well as demolition of a collapsed wooden bridge, creosote structures and removal of deleterious material. NCS self-performed the mass excavation, site demolition, rough grading, fine grading and site restoration. This project demonstrates our ability to efficiently plan and execute the work given the dynamic nature controlled by the inter-tidal movements yet meeting the client’s urgent need for restoring the environmentally sensitive salmon slough habitat within the compressed schedule called for.

The barge ready to perform construction in the Red Salmon Slough.