Client: U.S. Navy

Location: Naval Station Everett

Contract Value: $600,000

Completed: January 2014

Involved in this project was the selective removal and replacement of 83 treated timbers. Each timber was 18-inches by 18-inches by 24-feet long. Before timbers could be replaced a non-skid walkway which runs the length of the pier had to be removed and the pier had to be cleaned using a low pressure hose in order to avoid getting contamination in the water. In addition; water, fire suppression and electrical utilities hanging from beneath the pier had to be temporarily removed. Once the timbers were replaced the non-skid walkway had to be reinstalled and the utilities permanently mounted in their original locations. Finally new bent tags were installed along the length of the 600 foot long pier.

The pier remained active throughout the contract duration requiring that no more than three timbers be removed at any one time and that all removed timbers be replaced by the end of each working day. A tide difference of up to ten feet posed an additional challenge when trying to remove or replace the utilities hanging from beneath the pier.

The finished pier.